2818 Atlantic Highway
Waldoboro, Maine 04572

2818 Atlantic Highway
Waldoboro, Maine 04572

Protect your investment.
Store inside.


Terms and Conditions

  1. INSURANCE IS NOT PROVIDED. Muscongus Bay storage, LLC, is not liable for any physical damage or losses to your property including losses caused by fire, extended coverage, temperature, vandalism and malicious mischief, theft, collapse of building, water damage; or any and all causes beyond the control of Muscongus Bay Storage, LLC, including discoloration and other inherent causes.  PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR INSURANCE AGENT OR BROKER TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THIS COVERAGE WHILE IT IS IN OUR CARE, CUSTODY, AND CONTROL.
  2. The contract is seasonal from September 1st-June 30th @ $40/ft. The rates will not be prorated for later drop off or earlier pick up. 12-month contracts are available upon request.
  3. Drop off and pick up by appointment only.
  4. 48-hour notice is required before drop off or pickup. Arranged pickup or drop-off times are not guaranteed and will depend upon inclement weather and other factors. If not picked up on, or before, June 30, the articles mentioned herein will be stored for an additional six months. Storage after June 30 will accrue at the rate of $0.50 per foot/per day.
  5. Unclaimed articles remaining after six months, from June 30 to December 31, may be sold publicly or privately.
  6. Customers are prohibited from working on their article while being stored. Repairs or services from outside sources are prohibited also.
  7. Muscongus Bay Storage, LLC, is not responsible for either pickup or delivery of the articles unless agreed to in writing.

NOTE: Standard width is considered 8.5 feet or less. Minimum length charge is 15 feet. Trailer tongue lengths, greater than 4 feet may be subject to extra charges. When measuring length, spare tires, ladders, motorcycle or bike racks, etc. need to be included.